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Continual accuracy.No calibration. Ever.

The portable, wireless, durable, easy-to-use tool that provides greater you can make better decisions about managing your turf.


Pogo Pro

Part of a system that captures, analyzes and provides instant feedback about the holistic condition of your turf. Records precise location with an integrated GPS receiver and syncs data with the powerful POGO Turf Pro Cloud software.

POGO mini

Pogo Mini

A standalone tool that's a perfect complement to an existing POGO system. Perfect for spot-checking moisture, salinity and canopy temperature. Less than the cost of a typical moisture-only sensor.

The Patented POGO Sensor.

Both the POGO Pro and POGO mini have a patented sensor that has been depended on by the USDA, NOAA, leading irrigation companies, and many universities for over 20 years.

turf moisture


turf electrical condictivity


turf canopy temperature


soil salinity index


Measures and analyzes 4 parameters simultaneously.

POGO measures ALL 4 of the most influential variables governing turf performance. It's the interaction of these 4 parameters which gives the accuracy of POGO's prescriptions. For instance, low moisture content doesn't necessarily mean water should be applied.

Unique technology.

The sensor is based on a unique technology called "Coaxial Impedance Dielectric Reflectometry", which also provides additional benefits. One is precision: the predominant moisture and salinity exchange within the rootzone of all types of turf systems occurs in the top 2”to 2.5”* (5cm to 6.4cm). The short tines measure only this depth, which maximizes precision.

Better durability.

The strong 3.18mm (1/8”) diameter stainless steel tines are built to withstand the rigors of everyday use in turfgrass systems, resisting bending and breaks through thousands of insertions while maintaining precision and accuracy.

No need for calibration, ever.

Patented sensing technology results in consistent accuracy and precision in all turf and soil types with no maintenance. Unlike other soil sensors, this means you don't need to calibrate it to get full accuracy.


POGO System Overview

A brief overview of the entire integrated POGO system and what it can do for you and your course.


About EC (Salinity)

  • Every nutrient is a salt—a source of salinity.
  • EC affects moisture readings with typical moisture sensors.
  • Turf EC is always changing throughout a day or from day to day from fertilization, irrigation and natural processes.
  • Compaction and organic matter, indicated by moisture holding trends over time, also affect EC capacities in turf systems.
  • The effect of EC on the moisture availability to the turf system is great. As salinity changes the water needs also change.
  • EC impacts moisture measurements of other sensors, while POGO measures moisture and EC independently of each other using proprietary patented technology resulting in utmost precision in a wide range of dynamic conditions found in turf.
  • Unlike other sensors, the POGO accurately and precisely measures salinity (EC), salinity concentration, moisture and temperature together without calibration to ensure that like measurements over time (i.e. 20% wfv, 0.18 dS/m) are in fact the same conditions.

About Salinity Index

Since not all ions give off the same EC for every 1 ppm of their presence, the salinity index (salinity concentration) allows us to see more insight as to the true affects of salinity on turf at that moment.

Q: Why do I need to measure EC if I don’t have a salt problem?

A. If you fertilize, you manage EC. Any turf stress may be because of a salinity problem or its effect on other measured variables. You won’t know if it’s from too much or too little water, increasing or decreasing salinity activity, inefficient nutrient applications or the combination of several variables. The best way to understand, avoid and manage turf stress is to measure the three most influencing variables that cause it while trending this information over time. See issues before symptoms appear!



The POGO family provides more insight into your turf conditions than any other tool.

Pogo Pro


The ultimate professional tool for maintaining healthy turf. Measures all 3 critical soil parameters plus pro-level GPS.

Pogo mini


A more advanced spot-checking turf sensor for less.

Pogo benefits


Superior insight. Better decisions. Optimal turf.

Pogo app


Sample and log data, and bring the analysis right to the green.

Pogo Cloud


Advanced turf condition analysis, done for you and presented visually.

Pogo weather


Wireless, autonomous insight into environmental turf influences.

Pogo videos


Watch, learn, save time.

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